zondag 1 juli 2012

Eigen werk: Fox en Flappie (Fox and Flappie)

27 x 35 cm.

Dit is echt de natuur: eten of gegeten worden.

For my English-speaking guests: Flappie is the most famous rabbit of the Netherlands. It is the rabbit of a boy who fell in love with it. Just before Christmas is the rabbit suddenly disappeared. No mather where he searches: nowhere to be found. His father does not search with him. He is busy in the shed and there the boy may definitely not come. With Christmas he finds a piece of meat on the table that resembles Flappie. Then he realizes what has happened with Flappie and for the rest of his life he hates his father.
This story is processed in a song wich every year is to hear with Christmas.

22 opmerkingen:

  1. oh renate das ist eine traurige geschichte.......aber ein wunderschönes aquarell
    liebe grüße und eine schöne woche

  2. Een mooi schilderij, Renate! Maar wel een beetje zielig onderwerp, arme Flappie! ;)

  3. Dit is mooi en zoals de natuur is, mooi en wreed. Prachtig werk Renate.
    Groetjes Marja

  4. Sad and cruel , but your watercolor is wonderfully done..a bit cruel too, but at least natures way ! Great movement of the fox ! Wish you a great start of the week . XX

  5. Hello Renate! Another watercolor animal with strong character!
    Stylized and incisive, well done!Have nice evening!

  6. Hola Renate. Que pena el conejito comido por el zorro, pero la acuarela te ha quedado muy bien. ¡Saludos!

  7. Hello Sinbad:) Nice of you to stop by! Well sometimes life is a little bit sad... I'm glad you like the painting!

    Hallo Maria :) Glücklicherweise ist es nicht wirklich passiert. Vielen Dank für Ihre Worte. Sie auch eine ganz gute Woche!

    Hallo Judy:) Dankjewel. Je kon dat verhaaltje van Flappie toch wel? Gezongen door Yoep van 't Hek.

    Hallo Marja:) Als het door de natuur komt heb ik er geen problemen mee. Dankjewel voor je lieve berichtje!

    Hello Jane:) Yes, a little cruel it is. But the fox was very hungry:) Thank you for your kind words and you too a very nice week!

    Hello Rita:) I thought an animal in action would be nice. I hope not too cruel... Thank you for your lovely comment.

    Hola Sonia:) Naturaleza puede ser muy duro! GANA el más fuerte! Gracias por tu mensaje. Una semana bien!

  8. That is so sad. However, sometimes sad stories create interesting paintings, like this one.

  9. Sad for the rabbit, but happy for the fox, guess one always wins and one loses. Great story my dear. Like the painting.

  10. Oh yes, forgot to add, I have a couple of rabbits that eat my garden and I'd love to donate them to your fox!! :( I used to think they were cute, no so much any more as they eat the darnest things.

  11. Hello Nora:) Happely for everyone; it's just a story. My painting is real:)

    Hello Nelvia:) That's nature: eat or be eaten. Oh, about your rabbits. I've got an idea: print my painting 50 times and put the prints in your garden. I'll bet it scare them! Or shall I send a real one with the KLM?
    Thank your for your (always) kind words!

  12. Hola Renate,
    no conocía la historia. Tu pintura es muy expresiva y original, es una ilustración fantástica.

    Un abrazo

  13. Ciao Renate,
    very beatiful! I think you have an expecially ability with animals because yours are always very interesting and have life!
    Ciao, abbracci, Floriana

  14. Really a sad story for a song to be hear during Christmas time. Your watercolor represents very well the reality of the animal life, the the stronger eats the weaker. Interesting subject, well painted. Ciao Renate!

  15. Thankyou for sharing the story. I love your painting of it.

  16. Renate, Such a sad story, but a great illustration of it.

  17. Hola Rosa:) Hola Rosa, gracias por tu mensaje dulce. Fue muy divertido para pintar!

    Hello Floriana:) How kind of you! I'm glad you like it. I've to practice a lot but it's so fun to do! Thank you so much!

    Hello Tito:) So it is exactly and that keeps the nature in balance.
    Thank you so much for your kind words. Take care!

    Hai Cat! I appreciate your comment!

    Hello Karen:) Sometimes a picture says more then thousend words:)

    Hello Ashok:) It is:)

  18. Aww, that's a sad story. :( But I do love your painting. :)

  19. Your panting is very well done.We used to have rabbits for pets growing up. One evening my mom announced that we were having rabbit for dinner - but not one of our rabbits. We did not believe her, for we could not conceive of anyone (but maybe a cat or a fox) killing a rabbit for dinner purposes. We insisted that it was chicken - for it looked and tasted like the familiar bird. We knew she was just kidding with us. But the other day (a good 20 years later)she brought it up again and still maintained that it really WAS rabbit and not chicken!

  20. Hello Crystal:) Yes it is a sad story and we have to listen to it every year! And every year I feel sorry for the boy:)

    Oh minnemie, what a story! So you did eat rabbit! How did you feel about it 20 years afterward? I think the best thing to do is to eat nothing around Christmas; you never know what it is you have for dinner:)