donderdag 9 augustus 2012


35 x 17 cm

Dit was zeker 1 van de moeilijkste schilderijen die ik ooit gedaan heb. Niet onlogisch want het een schilderij van een oude meester: William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825 - 1905). Dit schilderij is genaamd Biblis.
Het is geschilderd voor de challenge van The Artist Challenge - A private Club for Artist. Schilder een oude meester naar keuze.
Ik had nog nooit van Bouguereau gehoord maar wat een prachtige schilderijen heeft deze man gemaakt. De vrouw op dit schilderij heeft een witte huid en weelderige vormen, zoals vroeger vaker de vrouwen werden geschilderd.

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  1. Jee wat een moeilijke opgave en jee wat een mooi schilderij geworden! Prachtig die weelderige vormen!

  2. It is wonderful to learn how the old masters were painting. When I do so, I imagine myself in the that artist's shoes, can think his/her thoughts. It is weird but true.
    Great art Renate!
    well done.

  3. WOW!! Well done Renate,this is fabulous!! Do you know its the fastest way to learn by copying great paintings!

  4. Heeee Judy:) Dankjewel. Heet me ettelijke zweetdruppels gekost, maar was wel heel leuk om te doen!

    Hello Irina:)I think he handled it a little bit different then I did:) But then: I did it in watercolor and that makes it extremely difficult because correcties are almost not possible. But I like the result. Thank you for your lovely comment!!

    Hai Azra:) Indeed I learned a lot from this painting and I will do it again! You can also learn a lot from doing a selfportrait in 30 minutes. I just made that:) Fun!
    Thank you for your optimistic comment, love it!

  5. Bouguereau is à wonderful painter, and you are brave to have copied him, bravo, Renate!

  6. BRAVO renate, ich komme aus dem stanen nicht raus.....das hast du wunderbar gemalt, alle achtung, die yalten meister sind unerreicht und deshalb ganz schwierig zu malen! das ist eine ganz starke arbeit
    liebe grüße maria

  7. Hello Sylviane:) He is a great painter. I know him for a day or so (not personally duh) but I love his paintings. I hope I haven't dishonored him with my painting:) Thank you for your kind words!

    Hallo Maria :) der erste Satz Ihrer Nachricht habe ich nicht verstanden. Ihre Nachricht begann mit BRAVO, also denke ich, dass Sie finden, dass meine Malerei ist schön :) Aber was auch immer: Ich finde es immer süß, dass Sie eine Nachricht hinterlassen! Große Umarmung :)

    Hello Ashok:) Your messages are always short but I really do appreciate them. Thank you so much!

  8. I love this, Renate. To me, the human form is one of the most difficult subjects to draw or paint well. Bouguereau was a great master and you will learn much from copying his work. You've captured the pearly whiteness of her skin beautifully. Take care, and happy painting my friend! :o)

  9. You,ve captured the sensibility of this painting, and the aquarelle is the best form. Congratulations dear.

  10. This was very particular work with a really special result! Well done, Renate!!!Thanks for sharing the site!

  11. Well done, Renate. The body is beautifully done. I have always liked AB's work - very romanticized with such a nice glow.

  12. oh renate, sorry there are mistaykes in my words..please excuse, I try to write it in english, I hope so you could understand.........
    "BRAVO renate, I come from out ..... not surprised that you have painted wonderful, all the esteem, the old masters are unmatched, and therefore very difficult to paint! This is a very
    great working
    greetings maria

  13. Well my girl who has no fear, wonderful proportions. This indeed is a classic. You copy and you learn great lessons but always with your signature. Again you take a giant leap forward

  14. You did a wonderful job on this difficult challenge! Watercolor can be difficult and unforgiving so I'm very impressed!!

  15. Hello Sherry:) I've got to do a lot more practice but it was a lot of fun! Thank you and happy drawing to you:)

    Hello Eva:) You are right. It's not only painting a human but creating a atmosphere as well. Thank you that you think I did!

    Hello Rita:) Thank you for your kind words:)

    Hello Rhonda:) I didn't get the glow but therefor he's a master! I'm glad you like my painting!

    Dear Maria:) Thank you for translating:) You are too kind!! And I do understand now:) Lovely words!

    Heee Nelvia:) No fear? I had a lot of fear doing this one! I didn't want to disappoint the great master:) I did learn a lot and I'm happy to know that you like it! Thank you for that:)

    Hello Kathleen:) That was the most difficult about it, using watercolor knowing that it was done in acrylics. Thank you for your lovely comment:)

  16. The unusual composition, an interesting pose, a very moving image.

  17. Hi Maga! It is, it is! I think that's the reason why I fell in love with his painting:)

  18. Wow, you really picked an extremely difficult subject, Renate, and so poetic and moving. Good job! And interesting to learn about Bouguereau too, thank you! :)

  19. Hello Blaga:) It was extremely difficult but therefore a real challenge! Thank you for lovely words:)