woensdag 12 september 2012

Copyright !

I've experienced a nasty situation regarding copyright and it was also my own stupid fault.
It comes to the painting "yellow". I have the owner of the photo no permission asked to use her picture. I sent her a message afterwards that I had made a painting of her photo with a reference to my blog. But this is not how it works! Very stupid of me, and rightly, that there were questions about her side. Luckily I had someone with a very understanding and we have to make the issue sufficiently debated together.
I would, however, like to this opportunity to even 1 time to create a clear reference to the photographer. She makes beautiful pictures. Her user name is Tugboat and her photo's are on worldphotographyforum. Tugboat thanks very much for your understanding.

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  1. Dear Renate Italian proverb says "all is well .. . that ends well!".Now,happily, it's all right!
    ( I use only my photos, so I have no problems!)

  2. Renate, siento que hayas pasado este mal momento, gracias que todo ha tenido un final feliz. ¡Qué sorpresa verte en Etsy!:)Son unas acuarelas bellisimas. Te deseo buena suerte en las ventas. Un abrazo.

  3. Dear Renate. This is such a problem for a lot of artists and you are not the first to do this. I used to have this problem all the time when I was running an on-line art group. Do you know about Paint My Photo site? Photos are copyright free there. Though like Rita I try to only use my own reference photos now and to be honest they say a true artist paints what is around them and from life but I know that isn't always easy. The other thing I sometimes do is use more than one photo to make my own composition so no one knows what the original photo was. There are ways of getting around this. Don't despair and don't feel bad. It really is an easy thing to get wrong with all the images we are bombarded with on the net and photographers don't always make it obvious that things are copyrighted. Email me if you need any more help in finding copyright free images. Take care. xx

  4. Yes, always get permission before painting or sharing a painting from a photo - she's obviously a professional and showing her work for sale, etc. WetCanvas.com also has a huge reference library copyright free to use - you have to join the group but it's free to join.

  5. Ja het blijft een moeilijk onderwerp, copyright. Ik gebruik daarom ook alleen nog copyright free foto's of mijn eigen foto's. Vervelend allemaal, Renate. Niet te veel aantrekken, hoor!

  6. Renate: bueno, lo importante es que finalmente se haya solucionado el asunto y no exista conflicto. Te honra mucho el que pidas disculpas a remolcador a través de tu blog. Aún así, entiendo que te hayas disgustado. Animo.
    Un abrazo.

  7. Hoi Renate,
    Het is goed dat nu alles is geregeld. Volgens mij, was je eerlijk genoeg want je had haar geinformeerd hoewel misschien een beetje laat. Maak je niet te veel zorgen, hoor. Veel groetjes.

  8. Never mind Renate,you made a mistake and you learnt from it and also sharing this has given a warning for other artists as well which is a great thing to do.You are a genuine lovely,open person and I feel lucky to know you as a fellow blogger and artist.

  9. Hello Renate. Luckily you found a comprehensive person, so all's well. As Azra rightfully puts out, it is a warning for others, too. xx

  10. Ciao Renate,
    it is easy to do this mistake because
    when you like an image is possible don't think no other...
    good for the solution!
    Ciao, abbracci, Floriana

  11. Hello Rita:)I know it's best to use your own photo's but I'm not such a good photographer :(

    Hello Sonia:) I'm also happy it ended well! Big hug xx

    Hello Laura:) Yes I already used a lot of photo's from PMP (with persmission!). I now had found a photo I liked very much so I asked permisson. I didn't get an answer so I did what you said: make from two photo's my own composition. I was almost ready an now I have permission:) Anyway it's so sweet from you to help me with this. I really appreciate that. Thank you!

    Hello Rhonda:) Thank you so much for the tip! I will take a look.

    Hallo Judy:) Nou ik zat er echt wel mee hoor. Maar ik voel me al beter door het plaatsen van dit berichtje. Als het goed is heeft zij dit ook gelezen.

    Hello Kubi:) That was for my feeling the least I could do. Luckily she understood that I had no evil intentions.
    Thank you so much for your kind words:)

    Hallo Cora:) Ik had ook niets kunnen zeggen dan had ze het nooit geweten! Maar in ieder geval voor je lieve berichtje:)

    Oh Azra, what a sweet thing to say! I'm also very glad that I met you on the blog, I wouldn't miss that. And yes, I learnt my lesson:)

    Hello Jane: Yes, she was very understanding. I think that was my luck! Thank you for your lovely comment:)

    Hello Floriana:) It's so easy to make mistakes with all those beautiful photo's on the net. I'm happy with the outcome. Thank you for your kind words!

  12. Renate, I'm sorry you had a problem. but hopefully it is alright now.
    I use a lot of PMP photos, the only obligation is to link the painting to the photo.
    I worry about that a lot too, as I don't travel, and not much of a photographer, so I try to get photos from photographers. I always ask and wait for permission .
    Don't worry too much about it..
    hugs, BJ

  13. Hello Barbra Joan:) The worry is almost over but I learned a good lesson. So kind of you to send me this comment! Have a nice weekend:)

  14. I have made this mistake too -- and sometimes I have used reference photos after asking permission from the photographer and before receiving their reply, not a great thing to do definitely! Now I try to ask whenever I see a photo that I may want to paint from way ahead to give the owner time to write back -- refuse or agree, and use my own photo as much as I can. But I am guilty of downloading photo on my iPhone and paint from them sometimes -- and forgot where I have got them (I don't know how you can change the file name to indicate where I got them on iPhone), and this is really back! I must remind myself again regarding the importance of respecting the work of the photographer more and try my best to give credit to everyone I have got inspirations from!