zaterdag 17 maart 2012

Eigen werk: Prima ballerina

Ik heb altijd bewondering gehad voor ballerina's. Vanaf een hele jonge leeftijd discipline en hard werken. Altijd op de tenen lopen (letterlijk en figuurlijk), hun lichaam in allerlei kronkels bewegen en altijd op dieet. Je moet er wat voor over hebben om je droom waar te maken!

Aquarel op papier
24 x 32 cm

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Morning for me, always wanted to dance as well, but alas no coordination. Like the feel of this piece. Just keep on exploring.

  2. Guten Morgen Renate,
    ein hübsches Bild präsentierst du hier, die Ballerina in ihrem Element, so luftig und leicht schwebt sie wie in einem Traum.......sehr schöne Darbietung Renate
    schönes wochenende und lieben gruß

  3. Hoi Renate! Prachtig hoe de achtergrond is afgestemd op de ballerina!

  4. Ciao Renate,
    I red your comment on the Rita's blog.
    I want to tell that everyone has something to say with words or paints or other people and the world is too big and there is espace for all.
    To see more beatiful works is just an incitament to understand more possibilities.
    Then there is a personal satisfation, very important!
    I like your work, as others, so paint, please!
    Ciao, friendly, Floriana

  5. Hello Nelvia:) I also have no coordination, therefore I paint :) I keep on exploring!!

    Hallo Maria:) Dankeschon fur Ihre sussen kommentar! Es war sehr schon zu tun, aber jetz gehe ich wieder kurz auf die blumen:)

    Hoi Judy:) Eigenlijk had ik een hele andere achtergrond in gedachten, maar al schilderend werd het dit. Achteraf vind ik het ook wel mooi dat de ballerina in de achtergrond op gaat.

    Hello Floriana:) Thank you so much for your supporting words. Frankly I was a little emotional reading your words. Very very sweet and thanks again!

  6. Dear Renate,Floriana says exactly what I want to tell you.I joined a group of botanical artists beginners (anyone may apply to enter, if you like the idea I'll give you the exact name).
    The artists are publishing their first works to see how it was done with the exercise and the study that everything has changed! I was surprised to see these changes and how these people are able to encourage others.If a book of art began with the early work of an artist we might be excited and happy to see how the practice can change our own watercolor!Warmly,Rita.

  7. I agree with Judy, beautiful how the background complements the figure!

  8. This is very good Renate...she appears to be flying in the sky, so light! I would think this is difficult to paint, but you make it seem so easy!

  9. Hi Renate, I have red your comment on the Rita blog and also what Floriana is writing here. I completely agree with her, but I would add something more....even if we know that we will never arrived to the level of certain painters, we should try to improve every day our skill. For this reason I think that the examples of the Masters are important, we have to study their works and try to understand the secret of the watercolor! Your "ballerina" is lovely! Hug!

  10. Lovely delicate painting and is perfect for this subject!! Good job Renate!!

  11. Ah, Renate, that's magical! The background and the ballerina, it's lovely!

  12. Hello Rita:) I also have a lot of books wich I learned a lot of. But I don't want to copy some one elses style. For many years now I try to find my own style and I can't find it. I feel realy uncomfortable with it. Maybe it is an idea to join the group of botanical painters and see where it leads to...

    Hello Erik:) Thanks for your comment! Appreciate it very much!

    Hello Jane:) I need a lot of practice. Now on the screen I think her right leg is longer than her right leg, just a little detail:)

    Hello Tito:) You are so right about that, but sometimes I get a little depressed by such beautiful paintings. Afcourse I try everyday to improve my skills, but for some time now, I have the idea it's not going to be better and so now and then even worse. I'll promise to look at the beautiful paintings in an other way. Thank you for your lovely support! I won't forget!

    Hello Azra:) I'm glad you like it. Thank you for the comment!

    Hai Dianne:) Somehow my painting reminds me at Mr. Bean, who painted his walls and himself white:) (I hope you know who he is...)

  13. Beautiful painting Renate, I like the movement here and colors are very soft and lovely.

  14. Hello Sidmar:) Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you like it!