woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Grandma's candyjar

Challenge 28 van Rookiepainter was een gevulde snoeppot. Een mooie uitdaging waar veel in zat, zoals verschillende kleuren, glans, draaiingen van de papiersnoepjes enz. Er waren al heel veel mooie inzendingen die je hier kunt zien.
Over mijn eigen inzending was ik ook heel tevreden!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja wow zeg! Wat knap, al die lettertjes! Hij is goed gelukt!

  2. Dankje Judy! 't Was een heel gepriegel, maar ik ben blij dat ik er toch even de tijd voor genomen heb.

  3. Hello,
    thanks for the comment you left on DPW hand challenge. funny that your grizzly felt a bit lonely on his own! in fact I sent the first submission to the rookiepainters pink sweets challenge and me too I was hoping that other paintings would be sent. I see that we have the same hobby. it s fun but at the same time we can learn a lot about the techniques looking at some works (those of Layne Cook for instance), don t you agree?
    strangely enough since yesterday I cannot visualise the DPW paintings on the screen, do you have the same problem? (the little wheel keeps turning but nothing appears)
    well I give you my e mail address in case you would like to answer this messsage: micosud@aol.com
    see you,

  4. Anoniem: I've send you een mail just a view minutes ago!

    Sidmar: Thank you so much! I saw your landscape painting. That was very nicely done too! Very nice mountains!

  5. Even thought I always am on a diet makes me want to unwrap one of these sweet treats. Love your paper reflections.